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Wow.. people like.. posted?

-The tiny framed angel girl stood there, still on the water. There were fish beneath the girl's feet. She watched them swim for a moment. When like this, she was at ease. Calm, peaceful and graceful. She did a little twirl on the top of the water. Bits of water flying up everywhere. She pouted a little as her spin scared away a few fish. She concentrated on being on the water, and watching the fish, wanting to see them helped. Her demonish senses picked up a bit of talking behind her. She whipped her head around, eyes wide. Two mortal enemies sat there on the edge watching her. For some reason, this made the graceful and beautiful girl nervous. And she couldn't concentrate on staying on the water and went straight down. After a moment, she surfaced, strands of her silvery-blonde hair now stuck to her face. She pouted a little, going back under for a moment to move her long hair behind her, out of her eyes. She resurfaced and crawled out. Her outfit now clinging to her body. She let out a sigh as she climbed out.

"Ah, well, now I'm freezing." She said a little grumpily. She was at so much peace on the water.. that kinda ruined it.
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