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So what would an angel say? The devil wants to know..

-The little angel girl looked down for a moment. Her porcelain face seemed to go slightly pink as she stared down at the coat, "Th-thank you.." She stammered out. Spike, the Prince of Darkness, the God of Death, the Master of Coldness and all things mean.. gave her his coat. She picked it up daintily, putting it on over her slim shoulders. The sleeves hung a little over her small fingers. The already rather long coat nearly reached the ground, where with the thief came down a little past his knees. She looked up and smiled at the thief, "Thank you very much.." She pretty much repeated. She then seemed to notice the tension forming between the two males. She took this opportunity to go between the two, sitting down, her legs stretched out in front of her. "So.. any reason you two were watching anyway?" She asked, sort of teasing them for paying attention to her beautiful antics.-
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